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E-Tickets Extra- Help Guide

This is an extra feature. Contact Inbox Design for more information and costings.

For general event ticketing, the E-Tickets Site Extra allows you to create events, set limits on attendance, set multiple pricing levels and track sales with detailed reporting. All purchases can be done online, as well as offering the option of paying in person. Sales can also be vetted against running balances in KAMAR. The Seat picker is an extra bonus.

Getting Started

The first step is setting is to create a new event.
E-Tickets > Events > New Event

Create a New E-Ticket Event

Event Name
Give your event a descriptive name like, 'Friends of the School Social'

The default status of a new event is 'Inactive'. This status prevents your event from being viewed on your site until you are ready to open ticket sales. Setting the status to 'Active' enables the event and make it live on your site and allows people to begin buying tickets. Before you make your event active make sure you have checked all information and selected a live Payment Gateway. [link to payment gateway info] 

Testing E-Tickets

As you work on creating your event, you can preview and test your changes at anytime by clicking the 'Preview' button at the top of the page. Make sure in the events settings under 'Payment Provider', you have chosen "DPS TEST Account". To test purchases you can use a test credit card:

Card number: 4111111111111111 Date: 10/20 (any date will work) Secutrity code: 123

When you test purchases in this way email notifications and pdf tickets will also be generated, so you can test everything before you make your event live.

Notes about testing event start and dates and early-bird pricing

When you are testing and logged into your administration account, events start dates and early-bird dates do not apply, so you can freely see all changes you make. To test your event as a member of the public would see it, make sure to logout of your administration account, or open a another browser or browser 'incognito' window, so the system will treat you as a logged-out visitor.

Generate Ticket 
Setting this to yes will generate a pdf ticket that the event guest will receive with their email notification. The pdf tickets generated include a scannable barcode that can be use to verify event attendees using Inbox Design's custom iOS app. Download the app here [link to app store].

Admin Contact Email
This is the email address of the person you wish to receive email notifications of ticket sales.

Pending Ticket Expire Time
This is a new feature for 2022 where you can set a timer to show the customer how long they have to make their purchase of a ticket. You can choose the length of time yourself.

Payment Code
The value you enter here will pre-fix the ORDER ID as the reference for your payment gateway. e.g. WEB0064

Payment Provider
Select the payment provider that you wish to use for this event. 

Give your event a description. The text you enter here will be displayed on your website so make sure you include important details like date, time, location.

Event Images
Images you add here wil display with your description text.

Ticket Image
The image you choose here will be printed on the pdf ticket.

Require Delivery Address
Set the value to yes if you require that the attendee include their address with their event registration

Login Required
If you wish to allow only KAMAR registered users of your site to register for the event, set this to yes. If you wish to check the purchasers current account balance in KAMAR before that are allowed to purchase tickets, you MUST set this to 'yes'. 

Require Details for each attendee
Set this to yes if you want to capture the details of each person attending when multiple tickets are purchased. This allows for the personalisation of the pdf tickets.

Event Start Date & Finish Date
Enter the start and finish date of your event.

Earlybird Start & Date Earlybird End Date
If you are going to offer special pricing for attendees who register early, set the time frame for the pricing here.

Standard Start & End Date
Set the start and end dates for the standard ticket price.

Comments Required
If you would like to collect additional information from the ticket purchaser set this option to 'yes'. This information could include meal preference or other notes.

Customer Comment Instructions
The text you enter here will to be shown above the area where the comment can use it to tell the user what you wish to know from them.

Ticket Content
This text will display on the ticket. It's a good rule of thumb to repeat important event details like time and place, parking directions etc.

Email Confirmation Content
The text entered here is included in the email confirmation the purchaser receives after a successful purchase

Confirmation Page Thank you Message
After a purchaser makes their payment, a thank you message will display and they will see the text you enter in this field. 

Terms & Conditions
If you have any term and conditions that you would like to include for your event, enter them in their field. This might include things like:

'All ticket sales are final and are non-refundable. No Door Sales.' 'You must print and bring your ticket with you to show at the door'

Managing Events

Once you have made your event active you can click the 'Manage Events' Link in the main menu. You will see a list of all of the events in the system and their current status. For each event you have the option to view the purchases or edit the event if you wish to make any changes.

Managing/ Viewing Details of the Event


Clicking on 'Purchases' for an event will list every successful purchase, along with every unsuccessful attempt. Purchases can be sorted by name, date, or status.


Paid - The customer successfully completed the Payment and funds have been transferred to your account.
> Step 1 - The customer filled out the initial form but did not complete payment step.
> Redirected to DPS- The payment was not completed due to a problem with the customer's card or other reason.
> Declined - If the purchaser card was declined.
> Refunded - If you have refunded a purchaser's payment manually you can set this the payment to this status
> Complementary - This status is used to provide an attendee with a complimentary ticket. See 'How to provide a complimentary Ticket' below.

Viewing Purchases 
To view an individual purchase click 'view'. This allows you to view details about the the purchaser and also to print an invoice or generated the attached pdf tickets if necessary. You also change the status of the purchase.

How to Provide a Complimentary Ticket

There are two ways to provide a complementary (free) ticket:

Have the attendee fill out the initial form, but tell them to skip the payment part. A new payment record for them will appear in the system with a status of 'Step 1' and you can edit this record to change the status to 'complementary'. At this point you can generate the pdf e-ticket and email this to the attendee.
If you know the attendee's details, you can fill in the initial form for them and follow the steps above.

Exporting Purchases

For record keeping purposes, you can export all of an event's purchases in .csv format. All of the information collected from the attendee is included including comments.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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