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Admin and Staff Permission Groups- All about them

As SchoolBridge and SchoolPoint continue to be developed to work together to provide your community with useful features, setting administrator access to those features is now combined into one interface. This has also been changed to new look for easier navigation. You can however still choose to use the old interface if you wish.

Getting to Permissions

From SchoolBridge
Click on Settings => Admin Permissions. This will provide an overview of the settings process including a tutorial video, as well as a link that will take you to the Users and Permissions area in SchoolPoint. There is no issue if your school is not using SchoolPoint yet.

From SchoolPoint
From the main menu or the side bar, click ‘Users’. Once you are in the Users area you can click between ‘Permission Groups’ and ‘Users’ as needed.

Permission Groups

Creating Permission Groups allows you to define different groups of your staff users and set what functions of SchoolBridge and SchoolPoint those groups have access to.

In practice, you will define a set of permission groups for SchoolPoint related to course selection and the other functions available in SchoolPoint, and another set of permission groups related to the administrative functions in SchoolBridge.

Apart from the default ‘Administrators’ group, you are completely free to define the permission groups to fit your organisation and preferred workflow.

Typical SchoolPoint Permission Groups

Administrators - This is a default group that grants the users in it to all areas of SchoolPoint. There must be at least one user in this group.

Head of Learning Area - The users in this group would have permissions to edit learning areas, course descriptions, course approvals, and other functions relating to course selection.

Careers Advisors - Users in this group would have access to all of the career and pathways features of SchoolBridge.

All Staff - Normal staff that do not need access to any administrative functions but still have access to Student Search, Reports, and aspects like Conference Bookings

Typical SchoolBridge Permission Groups

SB Admins - Gives access to all SchoolBridge admin functions.

SB Absence Admin - Gives access to the absence reporting feature of SchoolBridge which should only be needed by your schools absence admin team.

SB Alerts - Allows users to send notifications via the SchoolBridge mobile app. There are also related permissions that allow you to restrict who can send SMS text messages and emails via the notification system that incur a cost, so you may want to create additional groups to limit who can send these messages.

SB Permission Slip Admin - Users in this group would have access to manage the forms that staff can use when sending permission slips and student forms as well as give them access to all permission slips and forms sent to caregivers and students.

SB Staff Forms Admin - Users in this Group would have access to “Manage Staff Forms’ to create the forms and workflows available to staff and have access to all staff forms submitted.

All of the above groups are only suggestions, and you can define your groups and permission any way you need.

Creating Permission Groups in SchoolPoint/ Via SchoolBridge (if you are subscribed)

Please note, there is an old and a new interface. The new interface is still in progress as at August 2023 but most functions are working. The below help guide is based on the new interface only.

Navigate to Users in the left Menu => Permission Groups => Add new permission Group => SAVE
(this is also where you will choose if you want to make it a "Default Permission Group" for all new staff coming from KAMAR until more detailed permissions are assigned by your administrators).

Permission Groups- all about them

Assigning Staff to a Permission Group (once created)

Navigate to Users in the left menu => Staff Users => check all staff boxes that apply **to one particular permission group **=> Click Bulk Edit button at top => Assign to Learning Areas and Permissions Groups => Update Permissions

Allocate permissions in BULK to a group

Permission Group Conflicts and Multiple Permission Groups
Please note that if you have staff in multiple permission groups, certain permissions will override others.
"View and not modify courses" WILL override permission "Edit courses".
"View and not modify courses" WILL override the "Manage costs/ contributions limits on courses", therefore NOT allow course costs to be editable.
"Move students from their selected course" needs to be selected to allow Staff to add students to courses/ move from courses.

Permissions and Conferences
When staff are assigned to a conference they will have automatic access to their own bookings and students, and be able to move their times and add students etc.
In order to be able to view the whole conference- so all staff and times, or create and edit the whole conference, then they will need the permission in Settings => Permission Groups => Conference Bookings; then "Create Conferences" checked.

Restricting Permissions

Navigate to Settings in the left menu => Course Selection => Staff Settings **Select "NO" from the drop down, 'YES" or "View Only". => SAVE changes.**

Note: When this setting is set to "NO", only staff members who are super Admins will be able to make course changes.

How to setup viewing and moving Students Selections:

With the above permissions you can also allow the users to view which students have selected each course. They can do this by viewing the course and then viewing the data table at the bottom of it.
They will need the following additional permission: See & Move Students.

How to setup Permissions by Learning Area:

Navigate to Users in the left hand menu. Select the Staff member/s that you would like to set up Permissions for. Select the "Edit" button if you are only creating a Permission for one Staff member, alternatively select the "Bulk Edit" button for multiple Staff members. Select the check box for your Learning Area => Click "Save".

Note: If "Manage Selected Learning Areas ONLY" is ticked, then it is a requirement to also tick either "View Courses" or "Edit Courses" so that either the editing function is available to the Staff Member, or view only. They must tick one of these options before they will see their list of courses.

Default Permission Groups

You can create a permission group which as new staff join, you can add them to this default group. They can be changed at anytime, but without some permissions they will NOT be able to access SchoolPoint/ SchoolBridge (if you are subscribed)

Users => Permission Groups => Create New Group => Check YES to assign to all new staff

Create a default permission group

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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