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Activity Registrations Site Extra- Help Guide

Activity Registrations

The Activity Registrations Site Extra, enables your school to organise registration and payment for extra curricular activities, such as music lessons or sports. You can create an unlimited number activities and organise them into categories to give you flexibility as to how the registrations display on your site. For example, you could have a separate page where you list sport registrations and another section where you list art classes etc. All student and caregiver information is checked against your existing KAMAR data, so no extra work is required to connect with your community.

For each activity you can add a description, attach an image and set terms and conditions for the activity which much be agreed to before registration. You can also limit which activities students have access to by year level. Year levels are verified by your school's KAMAR data.

When a student registers for an activity, a confirmation email OR SMS text message is sent to their caregiver, whereupon they are asked to click a link that gives permission for the for the student to register for the activity. Caregivers login with their KAMAR account to give their approval which they can do directly from their phone.

For caregivers that forget to respond to the initial approval request, additional reminder emails and text messages can be sent with the click of a button. For each activity you can export a report listing the registrations and whether the student's caregiver has given their permission.

Before you begin setting up your activities it's helpful to gather all of the pertinent information for each activity including the description and the terms and conditions. In the description be sure to note an contact email address of the person organising the activity in case someone has questions and also to state any activity fees.

Please contact Inbox Design on 07 281 1600 to find out more, including pricing for this module.

How to set up your Activities:

Firstly log in to your SchoolBridge or Website Administration and click on Activity Registrations.

This will bring you to "Manage Activities"
Important: you must complete all of the settings in the "settings" section first

In the Settings, you will need to set up your messages to caregivers/ students, choose payment options. These should be global and generic and will show for all categories.

Category Set Up:
You can customise the "Notification from" email address for each category. This will be the email address the emails sent to caregivers will come from. Students will get a confirmation email also once registered for the activity.

Activity Set Up
These are set up under categories so for example: Sport and then Athletics.
You can add images to the activity, choose which year level it is for and registration costs. You can also note all the terms and conditions here.

Status of Activity
You can choose the status of your activity from:
a. Visible with registrations open
b. Visible but registrations closed
c. Hidden

Registration Confirmation
Once you begin taking registrations, you will get an email (if you choose to) each time a registration is submitted. The status on the Registrations section next to the caregiver in the administration will show:
a. Pending (so the have not read or actioned the request to register)
b. Caregiver viewed (the caregiver has opened the email)
c. Caregiver Approved (caregiver has approved the registration)
d. Caregiver declined (caregiver said no)

Registrations page School Status (registration Progress) in the administration
This is where the administrator at the school can go and mark the student registration as:
a. Pending (waiting approval from caregiver)
b. Accepted (approved)
c. Declined (used if student changes their mind etc)
You an also change the caregiver status to approved/ declined if they phone in to advise approved or declined

Sending Reminders
If you can see the caregiver has not viewed or approved the registration, you can send reminders in bulk to these caregivers. If they happen to not have an email address, there is the ability to send a text message.

Export Registrations
You can export the registrations into a csv file, which will show status, and all registration information on a sheet.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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